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Grow a Hidden Marijuana Garden

Marijuana leafHave you wanted to grow in super secret stealth but currently cannot? Are conditions such where growing would place you at risk? Would you like to grow safely in your apartment or house - indoors or out?

Welcome to Extreme Stealth Grows! Within the pages of this very special online book are ideas for growing your crop under total stealth conditions. No longer will you have to worry about nosey neighbors, goofy roommates, or family and friends discovering your grow. You can even grow medical marijuana (MMJ) legally and discreetly in the convenience of your home. We have designed super stealth locations where you can leave your hidden grow for several days and come back knowing it is safe. Enjoy the peace of mind and the fun of growing your very own top quality marijuana. Now you can grow secretly in apartments, houses, and fields. There's no place Extreme Stealth Grows doesn't cover!

Marijuana leaf and handcuffsThe ideas in the Extreme Stealth Grows book are private and are now available to the public exclusively through this website. Just like your passion for growing, we have taken painstaking measures to insure these ideas are fresh and simply not available anywhere else. Creating stealth marijuana grows happens to be our passion. Imagine making a stealth grow box that is so hidden, absolutely nobody will guess that it's actually a secret marijuana growing space. Only you will know.


We have included confidential ideas for outdoor stealth grows, indoor stealth grows, stealth cabinets, and apartment growing. Keep in mind we do not advocate large grows in houses and apartments. Our book targets mostly modest closet to wardrobe cabinets to micro-grows. The book is available for instant online reading and will show you stealth methods that are simply not available anywhere else. Enjoy the wealth of information that may very well keep you out of serious trouble.

Marijuana budNo more worries about surprise apartment inspections, landlord intrusions, or maintenance men. Forget friends and family members suddenly appearing unexpectedly. The only one knowing about your grow will be you. Our book is truly an amazing creation with detailed ideas on creating your very own personal grow unique to any others. That's the true beauty of our book - individuality.

The ideas presented below have been floating around for quite some time. These concepts are, however, not included in our book because of their flaws and popularity. Thanks to the internet, the following practices are common knowledge to Law Enforcement Officers (LEO).

1) The Personal Computer case cabinet - Everybody has seen this grow cab. Even the Police know about it. That's why it's not recommended or included in our book.

2) Closets - Again, these are abundant across the internet. They usually can't be completely sealed or locked and if they are, the maintenance man wonders why.

3) Small refrigerators - Someone is bound to finally want to open it for a midnight snack. Sandwich anybody? Uh oh - busted!

4) Grow tents - These are used for only one thing. When they're discovered, it's obvious someone is growing something they shouldn't be. They stick out like a sore thumb.

5) Secret rooms - Hidden by a bookcase, this is the first place the Police will look when searching for secret rooms. Why? Because 95% of hidden rooms are concealed by bookcases. Secret rooms are the most popular option when building new homes.

Plus many more common grows known to LEO

Marijuana leavesThe ideas above are readily available in marijuana forums across the internet. That's the trouble. Just like a teenager, nobody has bothered to think things through and realize that these hidden cabinets and grow areas are hardly new. Through our book, you will learn to transcend above these mistakes with the best artistic and creative solutions.

Extreme Stealth Grows is completely original and filled with new stealth concepts never before published. You'd be silly not to at least read our book of secrets before you grow. There is no place on earth that will entertain these creative ideas and enable you to grow safely for the pittance of this book's cost. You will spend hundreds, perhaps thousands setting up your grow. Don't you owe it to yourself to read the latest stealth techniques? Learn to grow smart, grow safe, and avoid being discovered.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana LawsTrust us! We have a combined grow experience of over 47 years. We are throughly qualified to inform you of these excellent and secure ideas. This is information that couldn't possibly be available anywhere else but in the Extreme Stealth Grows book. You owe it to yourself to learn about secret gardens the Police wouldn't look - couldn't look. Hidden location is actually the most important part of your growing. Without it, you're a dead duck.

Growers end up spending hundreds of dollars building a stealth grow. They may even plan for odor, prying eyes, and drunken friends. What they forget to do is spend the brainpower to hide and camouflage their grows. This is where our Extreme Stealth Grows book comes in. We've done your thinking for you. We show you inspiring ideas that have never been revealed on the internet making each and everyone's hidden grow a fun, satisfying, and unique experience.

Medical marijuana sealExtreme Stealth Grows is all about creating a concept of novel ideas to grow high-quality marijuana in private. We've searched the most popular forums. We can't possibly sell our book if these were readily available. The ideas in our online book are totally unique.

We have remained "underground" selling Extreme Stealth Grows books since 2005 to growers just like you wanting complete and total peace of mind. We give you the creativity to make your grow setup a calm, peaceful affair.

Now you can grow incognito - safely and securely - with the Extreme Stealth Grows book available online for instant reading.

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